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ZUMBA FLASH MOB - - 2pm on a Saturday in Beautiful Boca Raton Florida

Submitted by: Jason-Vanessa Turner

Zumba Flash Mob at The Shops at Boca Center, in beautiful Boca Raton.
Organized by Zumba By Vanessa Turner.
More than 80 participants arrived at The Shops at Boca Center to JUST ZUMBA. Can't beat that. We had a few bump, like being told from "the mall that must not be named" we could not to it there and the Police would be waiting, YIKES. But we prevailed and got this done in a gorgeous location.
Music by Pitbull - Pause.

Comments (2)

Leila Mendez said:

Posted 4 years 7 weeks ago

This is the best and most original video I have seen. You have may vote!

Denise Brooks said:

Posted 4 years 7 weeks ago

This was so much fun to do. Come on let's vote for our video

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